World Gym Fitness Franchise Review

    World Gym has a heritage which is quite rare in other fitness centres. Since the glorious days of Muscle beach, World Gym has been reforming the definition of fitness and health. They have an experience of over 40 years. At World Gym centres, one can experience the difference between time-proven techniques and cheap alternates. One can experience the pounding of the heart, and the adrenaline rush as the workout techniques and the ambiance is of world-class level.

    World Gym Owner

    At present, the Camilleri family is the owner of the legendary World Gym. Joe Gold was the founder of this world-class gym. Currently, there are approximately 220 franchisees of the World Gym, in over 20 countries and across six continents. The stats in themselves are quite amazing. The Camilleri family wishes to expand the franchise further globally.

    Why Choose the World Gym Franchise?

    One can easily say that World Gym is the epicentre of modern fitness. They ensure that the gym experience is rewarding for all the gym members. It is not merely a gym franchise. In fact, it is much more than that. Workout and gymming sessions are what they think of all the time. One can experience the innovation in and enhancement of the gym techniques at World Gym. They provide all the resources, tools, equipment, and support systems to the franchisees. They provide two types of gym set up:

    • Studio style World Gym athletics training centre (2, 500 – 10,000 Sq. Ft.)
    • Full-service World Gym (10,000 – 50,000 Sq. Ft.)

    World Gym Franchise Cost

    There are quite a few factors that can affect the World Gym franchise cost. The World Gym franchise price for a full-service club of World Gym is around $451,000 – $1.8 million. Also, the liquid capital requirement ranges from $3, 00,000 – $5, 00,000. The World Gym fitness franchise cost for the franchisee of a World Gym athletics studio is about $2, 60,000 – $8, 18,000. Here, the liquid capital requirement is about $1, 50,000. If a fitness club is lo0oking for a gym franchise, then he should wait and look for the World Gym fitness franchise for sale. The World Gym fitness franchise fee is much lower as compared to other fitness franchises. One must keep checking the official website of the World Gym for details like the World Gym fitness document requirement and the World Gym franchise quotation.

    Some Salient Features of World Class Gym Franchise

    Complete Support System

    The support team of the World Gym is responsive, dynamic, and innovative. They provide world-class levels of resources, power and recognition of a global brand to the franchisee. Also, the business model is flexible and adaptive. The affordable franchisee fees help franchisees earn more profit.

    Ever Growing Industry

    With about approximately 183 million gym members, global revenue of about $94 billion, five years of rapid worldwide growth and 6 billion annual gym visits, World Gym is the best franchise option for gym owners.

    Extensive Network

    At present, World Gym operates at 215 locatio0ns, across six continents, in 22 countries. World Gym has the registration to franchise in around fifty states. There are approximately 183 million gym members all across the globe. The number of clubs all around the world is about 2 10,000.

    Brand Name

    World Gym provides the franchisees with the much-needed brand recognition to the franchisees. The long term association of World Gym with celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Draper, and Lou Ferrigno makes the brand name more legendary.

    The World Gym is a legendary fitness franchise that knows nothing other than the love for working out. Their passion for fitness reflects in all their actions. They are continuously working towards improving and enhancing the World Gym experience.

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