Top 10 Gym Franchise in India

    Are you highly passionate about fitness and health? Do you have it in you to convert your passion into a full-fledged career option? If every time you have answered in assertive, then this post is for you!

    Fitness entrepreneurship is a highly rewarding and exciting career option. In India, the fitness industry is undergoing rapid alterations. The gym culture is proliferating quite fast, and fitness franchises are viewing this as the right opportunity to invest in the Indian market. If you wish to know about the top 10 gym franchise in India 2021, read on!

    Gold’s Gym

    Franchising since: 2002

    No. of franchise units: 150

    Investment range: INR 2 Cr. to 2.25 Cr

    Royalty fees: 5%

    Founded in: 1965

    Gold’s Gym has a reputation for being one of the most premium fitness centres across the globe. Based in Dallas, United States, Gold’s Gym has become a popular brand name among fitness enthusiasts. It is a unisex fitness brand. There are about 720 Gold’s Gym fitness clubs across the globe. The brand offers multiple gym formats like Express, Activ, and Regular. With over 60 years of leadership experience, the Gold’s Gym franchise can be a great kick-start for any fitness entrepreneur.

    Plus Fitness

    Franchising since: 2009

    No. of franchise units: 320

    Investment range: INR 1 Cr. to 1.75 Cr.

    Royalty fees: INR 110/- per member per month

    Founded in: 1996

    This award-winning, Australian-based fitness chain is exceedingly popular among Indian fitness enthusiasts. A brand that knows how to strike the right balance between satisfied members and happy franchisees, this can be your perfect choice to grow as a fitness entrepreneur. Plus Fitness has set itself apart because of its lucrative offers, discounts, and effective strategies. The fitness brand has set records by launching new gyms every 21 days.

    Anytime Fitness

    Franchising since: 2013

    Investment range: INR 2 Cr. (approx.)

    Royalty fees: INR 80,000 every month

    Founded in: 2013

    Anytime Fitness is the world’s fastest proliferating fitness chain. These unisex fitness studios stay open 24/7. There are over 4500 fitness clubs across the world. Joining Anytime Fitness as a franchisee can indeed be beneficial. One can reap the maximum benefit out of this fitness chain by undergoing proper training from experienced personal trainers. Also, members just love the fact that they have access to the best shower and locker room facilities.

    UFC Gym

    Franchising since: 2013

    No. of franchise units: 200 to 500

    Investment range: INR 2 Cr. to 5 Cr.

    Royalty fees: 7%

    Founded in: 2009

    UFC Gym is the first-ever fitness brand that brought together traditional fitness ideas, martial arts, and functional training. The training method is unique. Members often gush about how they experienced immediate but lasting results. The fitness brand helps one defy his doubts and inhibitions and accomplish his goals and dreams by offering top-notch training, programs, community facilities. You can join any of the franchisee models – Core by UFC Gym, Class by UFC Gym, and Signature Club.

    Talwalkars Gym

    Franchising since: 2015

    No. of franchise units: 150

    Investment range: INR 1 Cr. To 2 Cr.

    Royalty fees: 6 to 8%

    Founded in: 1932

    Talwalkars Gym is a renowned name in the Indian fitness industry. There are over 150 fitness studios spread across 20 states in India. To know more, you can simply fill an online form to place your inquiry and know further about the franchisee details. The fitness chain is quite old and is famous for its evaluation with time. India’s oldest fitness brand has embraced modern techniques and ideas at a very rapid pace and gives tough competition to all its rivals.

    Nitrro Bespoke Fitness

    Franchising since: 2004

    Investment range: INR 2 Cr. to 5 Cr.

    Royalty fees: INR 1 Lakh

    Founded in: 2004

    One of the most premium fitness franchises in India, Nitrro Bespoke Fitness is endorsed even by Bollywood celebrities. The fitness brand is popular because of the premium architecture as well as modern gym equipment. Nitrro Bespoke Fitness is the brand that promises to deliver a unique, luxurious fitness experience. The fitness equipment are of high quality and matches international standards. The certified trainers offer a great sense of personal training.

    O2 Gym

    Franchising since: 2010

    No. of franchise units: 20 to 50

    Investment range: INR 50 Lakhs to 1 Cr.

    Founded in: 2009

    O2 Gym follows the concept of a multi-speciality centre. It is the perfect amalgamation of a spa, gym, and much more. Their aim is to offer complete satisfaction and rejuvenate and soothe the sense of their members. O2 is the ultimate destination for anyone who wishes to amalgamate opulence with fitness training. With O2, one can aim at gaining a perfect balance to health and fitness. The fitness brand aims at offering apt guidance throughout one’s fitness journey.

    Snap Fitness 24/7

    Franchising since: 2008

    No. of franchise units: 300

    Investment range: INR 1.2 Cr. To 2.5 Cr.

    Royalty fees: INR 85,000 every month

    Founded in: 2003

    Snap Fitness has a robust global presence of over 2500 clubs spread across countries like Australia, Mexico, England, Egypt, New Zealand, and India. It is popular because of its sustainable alternative to conventional big-box health clubs. So, it is also a great option for new fitness entrepreneurs.

    Energie Fitness

    Franchising since: 2018

    No. of franchise units: 100 – 200

    Investment range: INR 1.5 Cr. To 2 Cr.

    Royalty fees: 8%

    Founded in: 2003

    This is one of the leading fitness chains in the UK. In India, it has become a powerful and robust brand. It has successfully set itself apart from the rest of the fitness brands. Energie Fitness imports high-end fitness equipment, for instance, magnetic bike, commercial elliptical machine, exercise bikes, to name a few.


    Franchising since: 2015

    No. of franchise units: 130

    Investment range: INR 1.25 Cr.

    Franchise fee: INR 30 Lakhs

    Founded in: 2015

    What sets Cult.Fit apart from its competitors is its non-conventional training methodology, which comprises a mixed workout session. Members love to shed weight and stay fit while indulging in fun and light physical activities. The fitness franchise company offers different types of engaging and fun-filled group workout sessions. With Cult.Fit franchise, a new entrepreneur can have a bright future.


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