Shapes Gym Fitness Franchise Review

    Shapes gym fitness has been taking care of women’s fitness and health for the last twenty years or more. It caters to the requirements and expectations of the women clients. Shapes take all the necessary steps to make women comfortable. Ladies who have common fitness goals enjoy each other’s company and workout together. The staffs of Shapes gym fitness thrive towards helping the clients in accomplishing their health goals.

    Shapes Fitness Gym Owner

    Debbie Harris is the president and founder of the Shapes fitness gym. With the aim of achieving a perfect platform for women’s health and fitness enhancement, he started the Shapes gym fitness.

    Shapes Fitness Gym Franchise

    The shapes fitness gym is available exclusively for enhancing the fitness of women. It offers a dynamic solution to women’s health and fitness problems. There are a wide variety of workout sessions available in Shapes fitness, for instance, typical core and cardio workouts, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, small group training as well as personal training.

    Features of Shapes Fitness Franchise

    • In-depth knowledge about the history of Shapes fitness gym centres
    • Negotiation with vendors
    • Guidance and support in choosing real estate agents, construction, designing and setting up of the boutique fitness studio
    • Group training
    • Personal training
    • POS system
    • Membership sales
    • Management training
    • Controlling labour

    Shapes Fitness Gym Franchise Cost

    The initial Shapes fitness franchise cost is just around $50,000. The lower rate of Shapes Fitness gym franchise price is encouraging many people to become a part of the successful business model of the Shapes Fitness franchise. Other than the franchise fee, a franchisee needs to pay other charges like equipment fees, marketing consultancy fees, security deposit, and royalty fees, and so on.

    Facilities and amenities that a franchisee enjoys under the Shapes fitness gym franchise:

    World-Class Gym Equipment

    The interval circuit training program of the Shapes fitness gym is highly popular among fitness loving women. The adjustable and hydraulic resistance equipment is also popular among women. Clients can switch between different workout sessions after a specific time period. This fades away the boredom. Also, clients do not complain about sore muscles. Also, women prefer joining Shapes fitness gyms as they get to see an immediate result due to an apt combination of strength and cardio training.

    Constant Support

    Shapes fitness gym franchise team supports a franchisee with materials for business management as well as high-quality training. It also offers extensive training on equipment usage, weight loss product, healthy living, and so on. Shapes fitness gym franchise also provides training on running and operating a franchisee studio. The franchise team guides the franchisees with one-on-one marketing strategies that are extremely effective. The team also supports franchisees by offering equipment, tools, and products, etc.

    Exclusive Shapes Dietary Methods

    Shapes fitness gym provides a complete line of protein enhancers and weight loss supplements. It also offers health products to enable the clients to achieve optimal nutrition. The Shapes fitness products are full of optimum levels of essential minerals, vitamins, and other necessary nutrients.

    All these features result in client retention and a higher level of ROI and profitability. Hence, investing in the Shapes fitness gym franchise is indeed a very good idea.
    Before taking the final steps, an interested individual must research well about several significant details, for instance, Shapes fitness gym franchise quotation, Shapes fitness gym franchise document requirement, etc. He can find these details on the official website of a Shapes fitness gym.

    If someone wants to make it big in the fitness industry, then it is essential that he takes the franchise of some reputed brand. This enhances the durability of such a business. Taking the franchise of Shapes fitness gym is indeed a brilliant option.

    Asif Shaikh
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