Row House Gym Fitness Franchise Review

    Row House is a boutique fitness concept. It is bringing a revolution in the fitness world. The Row House workouts involve about 85% muscles of the body. They provide the perfect balance of muscular strength and aerobic endurance to the member.

    Benefits of Row House Fitness Programs

    • Weight loss— the interval training helps in the fat burning process by alternating the intensity of rowing between low and high.
    • Effective aerobic workouts— the workout session activates several muscle groups and raises heart rate and increases the intake of oxygen. This enhances the effectiveness of the workout.
    • Strength build up— the push and pull during rowing results in strength building and enhancement of stamina.
    • Increased endurance— the short bursts on and off the rowing machine help in enhancing endurance power and cardiovascular performance.
    • Low impact— Rowing is a low impact in nature but still manages to break a sweat and build muscles without harming the body.
    • Fitness community– Row House is all about connection, strength, people, bonding, and community.

    Row House Gym Owner

    Debra Frohlich is the owner of Row House. Together with her husband, she co-founded a boutique fitness studio with the aim of amalgamating strength and cardio training and mixing it up with innovative rowing techniques. The business developed at a very swift pace within just two years.

    Row House Gym Franchise

    Row House team believes that rowing is the most effective, high energy, low impact full-body workout. Clients of any fitness level can join rowing sessions. Row House is among the top leaders of the fitness industry.

    Nowadays, fitness lovers are looking for workout options that can deliver effective and immediate results. They do not want to experience any sort of injury during intense workout sessions. Row House intends to support such fitness lovers and unite them together as a fitness community.

    Following are the major features of the Row House franchise that helps it to stand out of competition:

    Extensive Support

    Row House franchise offers extensive training to the franchisee to ensure complete success. It helps in areas like setting up the studio, lease negotiation and discussion, staff recruitment, marketing and sales technique, and so on.

    First Mover Advantage

    Row House fitness franchise has the upper hand in the fitness industry since it is the topmost boutique fitness brand in an underserved market. This market is in constant search of low impact workouts.


    Row House fitness franchise offers a low-cost entry as well as a recurring revenue model to the franchisees. The franchise team has years of experience that leads to increased profitability super soon.

    Executive Model

    The business model of the Row House fitness franchise is apt. It allows the franchisees to be able to determine their own success.

    Row House Gym Franchise Cost

    The initial Row House franchise cost is around $60,000. This is quite low from other renowned fitness franchises. The lower rate of Row House gym franchise price acts as a significant factor in attracting more franchisees. It is quite affordable. The franchise also has to pat some other charges like security deposit, marketing fee, equipment fee, royalty fee, and so on.

    After seeing the benefits of joining the Row House fitness franchise, if someone wants to join this franchise, then he will have to gather specific details, for instance, Row House gym franchise quotation, Row House gym franchise document requirement, etc. After gathering these details, he is ready to join the coveted franchise.

    It is indeed a good idea to join such a beneficial and profitable fitness franchise. Franchisees will be able to reap the benefits of a grand brand name. There will be a greater sense of security and stability.

    Asif Shaikh
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