Raw Gym Fitness Franchise Review

    Raw Fitness is not just a gym. It is much more than that. It offers people guidance and education about health and fitness. It helps people adopt a productive and healthy lifestyle. Raw Fitness aims to empower and educate individuals to embrace long-lasting positive lifestyle changes.

    Raw Gym Owner

    Justin Blum is the Raw Fitness gym owner. He launched Raw Fitness with the sole motive to show people that no matter where they are in life’s journey, they have the power to claim back their lives. He continues to empower and guide people as a life coach, a successful entrepreneur, and so on.


    Raw Gym Franchise

    The ultimate aim of Raw Fitness is to empower and educate people to embrace permanent, positive lifestyle changes. It accomplishes this goal using nutrition, fitness, community, and commitment. A person who feels the same way about helping others and making a profound impact on their lives as well as owning a profitable, reputed, and successful business can feel free to join the Raw Fitness franchise.

    Core Values of Raw Fitness Franchise

    Raw Fitness wholeheartedly follows and abides by its core values. These values play a significant role in ensuring the growth and development of the company. Following are the core values of Raw Fitness gyms:

    •         Growth and Education

    •         Admire, respect and listen to others

    •         Spreading the Raw Fitness philosophy

    •         Extreme passion for fitness and success of Raw Fitness family

    •         Community

    •         Unmatchable experience for the staff as well as the clients.

    Features of Raw Fitness Franchise that Sets It Apart from Other Fitness Franchises

    • Layout or construction assistance
    • Lease or location review assistance
    • Marketing systems and effective solutions
    • Extremely dedicated and helpful online support
    • Management training
    • In-person support
    • Personal support and guidance
    • Educational training for nutritional coaching.

    Raw Gym Franchise Cost

    The Raw franchise cost is about $30,000. This is quite nominal as compared to other fitness franchises. Franchisees can easily manage this much fee every month. Besides the Raw gym franchise price, a franchisee needs to pay other charges such as equipment fees, security deposit, etc.

    Following are the steps one needs to follow to become a part of the Raw Fitness franchise:
    1. Completion of the franchise application and submitting it.
    2. Acquiring the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD): This contains all the detailed information and agreements Raw Fitness franchise. One can make up his mind regarding the franchise after going through the FDD.
    3. Initial meeting: After the approval of the application, the franchise team will organise a meeting with the interested person.
    4. Approval of the franchise: The next step involves the signing of the franchise agreement and pays the required franchise fee.
    5. Perfect location: Next, the franchise team will guide you in choosing the perfect location for the franchise studio.
    6. Set up: Raw Fitness franchise will be available during all the steps of setting up and construction of the franchisee studio.
    7. Intensive training: The franchise team prepares the franchise with all the knowledge and proper training required for operating a Raw Fitness facility.
    8. Grand opening: Raw franchise will assist in making the opening a grand one.

    Once a person has made up his mind for taking the franchise of Raw Fitness, he can acquire details like Raw gym franchise quotation, Raw gym franchise document requirement, etc. Joining a Raw gym franchise is indeed a fruitful option for the franchisees.

    A franchisee can do well for the mass as well as run his own successful fitness business. It is indeed a great option for all those who want to make it big in the fitness industry. Raw gym franchise is always there welcoming and supporting the deserving franchisees.

    Asif Shaikh
    Giving information along with fitness and health tips thats useful to the readers.


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