• Plus Fitness Named In 10 Most Promising Gym Franchises.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you must be knowing about this Australia-based fitness giant – Plus Fitness. Refurbishing the fitness sector with the latest trends since 1996, Plus Fitness has created a revolution across the global fitness platform. The award-winning gym franchise has over 300 fitness studios across the globe. This global fitness platform is trying to promote the idea of a fit and healthy lifestyle, and hence, it has set records by opening fitness studios every 21 days. The feasible charges and premium fitness facilities make the brand Plus Fitness resonate strongly among fitness enthusiasts. It is one of the few franchises that has been able to maintain a healthy balance between the franchisee profitability and membership benefits. Plus Fitness is not just any other fitness studio; rather, it is a huge brand that has ranked among the top 10 fitness franchises. With its high-end facilities and features like infrared saunas and efficient fitness classes, the Australia-based fitness franchise has etched its name successfully in the minds of all fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Indian Fitness Industry Undergoing Rapid Transformation

Because of the immense effort and farsighted views of Mr. Siraj Lalani and his phenomenal team, India got introduced to this impeccable fitness platform. Siraj Lalani, the Master Franchisee of Plus Fitness 24/7 India, goes on to say that “There are six million active fitness enthusiasts in India spending around $400 annually on fitness services; thus, skyrocketing the Indian fitness industry to a whopping $2.6 billion market size.” According to him, the major contributing factors towards the rapid boost in the Indian fitness sector are:

  • Personalised fitness programs
  • Increased awareness regarding fitness and health
  • Enhancement in the level of personal disposable income
  • Gym culture.

Since consumers are nowadays focusing more on their appearance, body shape, as well as total fitness, Mr. Lalani believes that this is the best time for tapping into and exploring the Indian fitness culture so as to contribute to all the fitness enthusiasts out there.

More Plus Fitness Studios in India

Due to the recent top ranking, Plus Fitness India, under the accomplished headship of Faiz Sopariwala (the Business Development Head), will be investing an amount worth ₹75 crores in the next five years. This step will further lead to the propagation of the Australia-based fitness brand in India, thereby benefitting both the fitness freaks as well as fitness entrepreneurs.

Plus Fitness Obscuring the Competitors like a Pro!

Because of these prized parameters, Plus Fitness has been able to mark its place in the fitness industry as a unique, dedicated, and top-grade fitness platform.

Franchise Information

  1. Plus Fitness studio has an expansive floor area ranging from 3000-6000 sq. ft.
  2. The breakeven period is of about 2.5 years.
  3. It is indeed a profitable platform for the franchisees since the return on investment will be almost 33%.
  4. The investment requirement ranges between ₹1- ₹75 Crores.

Attractive, Motivating Schemes and Discounts

Plus Fitness always thinks out of the box, and this is relevant in its global membership facility. One can avail access to any of the Plus Fitness studio across the world. Also, those members who work out for 250 days in a year can avail of 100% cashback. The price band ranging between ₹14K to ₹25K each year (depending on the location) helps the franchisees to witness consistent membership sales and revenue.

If you too wish to shape your passion into a full-fledged career opportunity, do not miss out to visit HERE. Also, you can connect with Plus Fitness India over the telephone at +91 75750 67777.

Plus Fitness India – Altering the Fitness Sector for the Better!

Over the past few years, India has experienced phenomenal growth and betterment in terms of fitness awareness and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Plus Fitness India has contributed successfully towards this growth. The fitness giant has been consistently “working towards a healthier India,” in an endeavour to fulfil its dream of offering exemplary fitness service round-the-clock and offering lucrative revenue opportunities to deserving franchisees.


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