My Gym Fitness Franchise Review

    My Gym is indeed a very unique fitness center. Far from conventional fitness studios, My Gym aims at teaching children in a fun-filled, physically active ambiance. The tiny clients seem to be extremely happy and elated as they accomplish different milestones at My Gym, for instance, tumbling down the soft mats. Parents, too, get very happy at the successful development of their kids. With over 35 years of experience, My Gym dreams of giggling, highly active, confident children all around.

    My Gym Owner

    Cory Bertisch is the CEO of My Gym fitness centers. His unique dream to come up with a fitness center entirely for kids’ created a revolution in the fitness world as well as the world of children.

    My Gym Franchise

    The goal of My Gym has been empowering kids to develop a positive self-image since the year 1983. My Gym team utilizes award-winning and innovative programs to nurture the children so that they gradually grow up to become healthy adults. My Gym understands that it is difficult to promote healthy habits in an adult. So, childhood is the best time to incorporate such healthy habits.

    Since 1994, My Gym has been offering successful business opportunities to passionate entrepreneurs in the form of My Gym fitness franchise.

    Exclusive Features of My Gym Franchise

    As soon as a person signs up as the franchisee of My Gym, My Gym pre-opening team gets all set to help him at all stages. My Gym believes and promotes a collaborative journey. Let’s have a look at the attractive features of My Gym franchise:

    Selection of Site and Set-Up

    1. Provision of a letter of intent and participation in the lease discussions
    2. Interviewing the local real estate agents with the franchisee and reviewing suitable locations
    • Keeping the project within the time limit as well as budget
    1. Collection of bids from contractors, and working hand in hand with the contractors during the entire set up


    1. Collaborating with the training team
    2. Diving deep into the online study guide from where a franchisee will learn about the My Gym curriculum, age groups, and other details
    • Participation of a franchisee in the class time of a My Gym branch. This acts as a live demo of what goes into a My Gym fitness center.

    Formal Training

    1. Personalized teaching and spotting sessions
    2. In-class training in a gym for two weeks
    • Learning about all the business and back-office aspects

    Pre-Opening Marketing

    1. Attracting pre-opening sign-ups by using the highly effective “Founding Member” campaigns
    2. Launching of complementary awareness campaigns.

    My Gym Franchise Cost

    The initial My Gym fitness franchise cost ranges from $25,000 to $55,000. Besides these charges, a franchisee needs to pay a royalty fee of around 7-8% and an ad royalty fee of 1%.

    Types of My Gym Fitness Studios for Kids

    My Gym offers three types of fitness setups for kids. Parents can choose according to their needs and requirements. Even franchisees get to choose which type they want to invest in. Let’s have a look:

    • Compact gym
    • Standard gym
    • Mobile gym

    It is indeed a good idea to invest in My Gym franchise. An entrepreneur needs to research well about details like My Gym franchise price, My Gym franchise quotation, My Gym franchise document requirement, and so on. After gathering these much-needed details, he is ready to take the next big step. To be a part of such a successful and popular kids’ fitness chain is in itself a big deal. It is extremely beneficial to grab such an opportunity.

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