Multifit Gym Fitness Franchise Review

    Multifit started in the year 2015 with the ultimate goal of evolving as a fitness community which emphasises on promoting and embracing the fitness culture. This immensely popular fitness chain has studios in India, UK, and the UAE.

    Multifit gym fitness has over 350 highly qualified trainers. Among them, 10 are international trainers, while another ten trainers are international level athletes. The workout regime in Multifit gyms is extremely effective as well as enjoyable. It has the capacity to bring in something new in order to break the monotony of the same old, repetitive workouts.  It offers several types of training to the clients, such as HIIT, group sessions, cross-functional training, and a lot more. The speciality of Multifit gym centres is the “iFit” model of fitness. This workout regime aims at achieving the perfect balance between the mind, body, and soul of the clients. Multifit always convince people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

    Multifit Gym Owner

    Samir Kapoor and Sally together co-founded the immensely popular fitness brand – Multifit. They came up with the i9dea of introducing an antidote to the boring gyms. So they started Multifit gym fitness centres. According to Samir and Sally, Multifit is the perfect option for fitness training, with state of the art equipment and highly qualified personal trainers. The husband-wife duo worked hard to make Multifit the largest Functional Fitness Studio Brand in India. Multifit has recently bagged the highly prestigious FEA award for Excellence in Multi-Discipline Training.

    Multifit Gym Franchise

    The business model of Multifit follows a specific and unique franchise first approach. The team of Multifit focuses on supporting and helping a franchisee to earn better and faster.

    Multifit franchise model can be customised according to the requirements and needs of the franchisee. The company keeps in mind factors like banking, gym set up, pre-sales, and so on. Multifit does not stop here. After the franchisee studio starts operating, Multifit provides all types of support to the franchise owners. This support includes in-gym operations, sales, and marketing strategies, and so on.

    Multifit franchise offerings that make it extremely lucrative:

    Multifit gym franchise enables the franchisees to set up their own gym, provides state of the art gym equipment, furnishing, flooring, interior designing, and so on. It offers effective business support in the form of pre-qualified third party agencies. This is to make sure that there are cost arbitrage and consistency because of the extreme level of organisation.

    • In-facility branding and promotion
    • Hardware and equipment installation facilities
    • Sales and marketing support
    • Flooring, furnishings and interior designing
    • Complete support during the hiring process
    • Staff training
    • Business training

    Multifit Gym Franchise Cost

    The Multifit franchise cost is extremely low as compared to other reputed fitness brands. The affordability of the franchise and high level of effective amenities make the Multifit franchise a very easy and convenient option. Multifit gym franchise price ranges from INR 1 lakh to 5 lakhs. This includes fees and charges for gym equipment, taxes, and so on.

    Types of Multifit Fitness Models

    Multifit fitness gym offers two types of fitness studios. Let’s have a look:

    • Multifit Standard Model: It has an area ranging from 5000 to 6000 sq. Ft.
    • Multifit Xpress Model: It has an area ranging from 3500 to 4000 sq. Ft.

    It is a very good option to take the Multifit franchise. One can check for details like Multifit gym franchise quotation and Multifit gym franchise document requirement, on the official website of Multifit. Investing and becoming a part of the reputed Multifit brand will indeed be a turning point for all the fitness entrepreneurs out there.

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