Gymguyz Fitness Franchise Review

    Gymguyz is very different from the rest of the fitness studios. It is extremely unique as it is part of a relatively new home fitness industry. They understand the value of precious time. Gymguyz provides its clients with in-home personal trainers. Clients can enjoy the facility of customized one-on-one or even group workouts in their comfort zone. For instance, clients can work out in their backyard, lawn, or anywhere they feel comfortable. Gymguyz gives their clients absolute freedom from commuting to and from fitness studios, carrying heavy gym bags, changing in crowded locker rooms, and so on. Also, the client can train with the personal coach according to his own time. Gymguyz wipes away the biggest ever obstacle in the life of a gym-goer – lack of time.

    Gymguyz Owner

    The founder and CEO of Gymguyz are Josh York. He envisioned this excellent in-house gym training concept in his parents’ dining room. The first-ever franchise opened up in Westchester County. Josh York is also the author of a bestseller book – “Fuel, what it takes to be an entrepreneur.” York loves to take the risk and has a strong commitment to being the best in the fitness industry.

    Gymguyz Franchise

    What is so special about the Gymguyz fitness franchise? Why should one choose the Gymguyz fitness franchise, among others? It is so because Gymguyz provides the franchisees with a whole new approach towards altering people’s lives. Franchisees will be able to break down significant obstacles.

    Gymguyz does not need a conventional brick and mortar set up. A franchisee of Gymguyz will need a maximum of eight weeks to open up and start running successfully. One does not need to be a fitness freak in order to take up a Gymguyz setup. Gymguyz offers unmatched training and constant support to the franchisees. The in-home fitness training concept is bringing a revolution in the fitness industry. Indeed, it will be great to join Gymguyz.

    Gymguyz Franchise Cost

    The Gymguyz fitness franchise cost is around $100000 to $150000. A franchisee has to pay 6% in the gross sales as a part of the royalty fee. Also, there is a charge related to the brand development fund. For this, the franchisee needs to pay 2% on gross sales. Franchisees need to pay these two charges on a weekly basis.

    Hence, the Gymguyz franchise price is affordable. Becoming a part of such a successful franchise, and that too at such a reasonable cost is indeed a great option.

    Following are the features of Gymguyz franchise which makes it the best option among the franchisees:

    • Monthly webinars
    • Weekly franchise calls
    • Training videos
    • Online portals
    • R and D- Fitness trends
    • Visiting the local market
    • Franchise support concierge
    • IT support

    Who can be the ideal candidate for becoming the Gymguyz franchise?

    According to Gymguyz, the ideal candidate:

    • Should have a robust business background
    • Is ready to learn the Gymguyz system
    • Is honest, open to new opportunities, authentic
    • Offers high-quality customer service
    • Is respectable towards all team members

    Gymguyz has brought in a new concept in the fitness industry. The idea of in-home personal training is getting very popular among people. The health-conscious people who earlier could not make out time are now able to work out regularly, that too under the guidance of a trained coach. Hence, this concept is indeed a revolutionary one.

    People belonging to all age groups are welcoming this new concept. There is no limitation on fitness level too. Hence, Gymguyz is gaining immense popularity. Viewing the popularity, it seems that taking the franchise of Gymguyz will be quite fruitful. A gym owner needs to research well about the Gymguyz franchise quotation, Gymguyz franchise document requirement, and other similar details. It is always good to plan before investing.

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