Gold Gym Fitness Franchise Review

    Gold’s Gym is one of the best fitness centres all over the world. It is extremely rare to find a fitness freak who does not know about Gold’s Gym. It has been operating since 1965, with the ultimate aim of bringing transformation in people’s health routine.

    Gold Gym Owner

    Joe Gold of California came up with this highly reputed American fitness chain. He was a world-class bodybuilder and a successful businessman too. No doubt, he turned his passion for bodybuilding into a successful business venture. He also served in the US Navy during World War II. Later, Ken Sprague, a gym member, purchased the ownership of this gym. The present owner is Robert Rowling’s TRT Holdings.

    Gold’s Gym Franchise

    Gold’s gym has been a legend in the world of fitness centres. Its brand name is enough to inculcate faith among the gym members and franchisees as well. Gold’s gym is a global icon with an extensive network across six continents. It serves approximately three million people every day.

    Its speciality lies in its delivery of dynamic fitness experience. Gold’s gym fitness chain ensures the provision of certified personal trainers, the latest equipment, transformation plans that suit individual needs, encouraging and supportive ambience, and so on.

    Gold fitness franchise is one of the leading franchise of fitness centres, and it knows what goes into making a successful franchisor. It has an experience of over thirty years in franchising. It knows precisely how to incorporate the brand name with a perfect partner. Following are some of the features and facilities of Gold’s Gym franchise:


    The Gold’s Gym University, along with the extensive video and web-based training system and efficient operations team, ensures the provision of full support to the franchisees.

    Excellent Marketing

    By intermixing consistent and fresh PR, traditional and digital marketing tactics, it provides world-class marketing for its franchisees.

    Many more unique features of Gold gym make it a favorite franchise among many small gyms.

    Gold’s Gym Franchise Cost

    It is very profitable to invest in Gold’s gym franchise. It offers two models for the Fitness franchise. The first is the regular gym, with an area of 5000-7000 sq. Ft. that needs an investment of about 2-3 crores. The second one is the express gym, with an area of 3000-4000 sq. Ft. It requires an investment of 1-1.5 Crores.

    Gold Gym Fitness Franchise

    In order to apply for Gold’s gym franchise, one can check the official website. There he will get all the details about the Gold fitness franchise cost. Proper comparison will also lead to the fact that Gold’s gym franchise price is lower as compared to other international franchise brands.

    If a gym owner wants information regarding the Gold gym franchise quotation or Gold’s gym franchise fee, then he or she needs to check the official website for further details. Also. A gym owner needs to submit certain necessary documents in order to apply for the Gold’s gym franchise. All the essential information regarding Gold gym franchise document requirement are available on the official website of Gold’s Gym.

    Undoubtedly, Gold’s gym is the perfect fitness centre chain that provides benefits to the franchisees as well as the gym members. The franchisees can reap the benefits of its established brand name. Gold’s gym assures success to all its franchisees. Coming to the members, they gain world-class experience while training in Gold’s gym. They acquire the ideal body shape and fitness level. Members can enjoy and learn in group exercise classes, as well as focus on personalised training. The certified and highly qualified gym trainers in Gold’s Gym, help in providing maximum benefit to the members.

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