Fitness Together Franchise Review

    Fitness Together is one of the leading fitness franchise that focuses on premiere one-on-one private personal training. It uses a customized approach for making their clients fit and healthy. The world-class trainers are the main assets of Fitness Together studios. Clients get much-needed privacy as well as accountability. They get to train a private workout suite. Hence, a client need not wait for his or her turn to use the equipment. Also, there is no distraction. Together, the coach and the client work hard towards accomplishing the goals and targets.

    Fitness Together Gym Owner

    Rick Sikorski is the founder and owner of Fitness Together fitness franchise. The new president is Kevin Betts. Together, they work towards making Fitness Together gym franchise, the most successful gym franchise in the world.

    Fitness Together Gym Franchise

    Fitness Together aims at changing the lives of people by helping them to stick to their fitness goals. It provides clients with accountability, privacy, and motivation. Fitness Together is not just another gym. It is different.

    Fitness Together offers a life-changing business opportunity to the local gym owners in the form of franchises. Its aim is to provide the franchisees as well as the clientele with success beyond any limit. The various areas where it offers assistance to the franchisees are as follows:

    • Fitness Together University
    • Real estate and property-related assistance
    • Support in ongoing operations
    • Manual operations
    • National and regional franchise conferences
    • Client management system
    • Marketing automation tools
    • Assistance in planning local marketing
    • Conversion and lead nurturing support
    • Search engine and social media lead generation

     Features of Fitness Together Fitness Franchise

    • Staff retention: The trainer needs not to sell the fitness regime. Instead, his function is to train. Thus, hiring and retaining trainers is easy at a Fitness Together studio.
    • Minimal staff requirement: One needs just 5-6 staff to run a Fitness Together studio.
    • Owner-managed: One need not be a personal trainer himself. He needs to focus on areas like management, marketing, and consultations.
    • Lower level of attrition: Fitness Together believes in quality over quantity. A franchisee needs just a few clients to thrive well in the fitness industry. And guess what, those clients are always so loyal because of the service they get at Fitness Together.
    • Low commitment: Once the business speeds up, the franchisee need not spend a lot of time in the studio. He can focus on other areas too. Thus, he will have an excellent work life and personal life balance.
    • No need for inventory: A franchisee need not stock buy or sell any equipment. This lowers a lot of risks and leads to a hassle-free experience. The simple business model of Fitness Together is very convenient and easy to handle.

    Fitness Together Gym Franchise Cost

    The total Fitness Together fitness franchise cost ranges from $143,600 to $258,000. This includes a lot of charges like initial franchisee fee, furniture, and décor, computer software and hardware, etc. Fitness Together gym franchise price is much less than other fitness studio franchises. It is quite an attractive option for local gym owners.

    Those who want the franchise of Fitness Together can go through the official website of Fitness Together and look for details like Fitness Together gym franchise quotation, Fitness Together gym franchise document requirement, and so on. After acquiring all the details, they will have to fill the inquiry form available on the site.

    Fitness Together is quite different when it comes to conventional fitness studios. It understands the needs and requirements of its clients. It caters to their needs and fulfills their expectations. This, in turn, leads to higher revenue generation for the Fitness Together studios. Seeing the boost in the fitness industry, it is a good time to grab the golden opportunity and acquire the Fitness Together franchise.

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