Fitness Space Gym Franchise Review

    Fitness Space aims at taking one’s fitness to the next level. It has something for everyone. Fitness Space caters to the needs of a gym newbie as well as a workout freak. It provides a unique training program, personal coach as well as a digitally connected experience. It enables the gym-goers to achieve all their targets and goals efficiently. Fitness Space believes in customizing the workouts for each member. It offers services, facilities, training that suits the personal need of a gym-goer. It believes that fitness is much more than just hitting a treadmill.

    Fitness Space Gym Owner

    Tim Benjamin is the Fitness Space gym owner. He identified the potential in this industry. He has been a former Olympic athlete. He started Fitness Space as a result-driven health club solution. He brought together technological offerings and an all-encompassing member journey process.

    Fitness Space Gym Franchise

    Fitness Space fitness franchise spread all over the UK. It extends from London to Leeds. It aims at expanding its franchise in high-income areas. The motto of Fitness Space is – “Never train alone.” It applies this motto to each and every aspect of business too. As a local gym owner commences his journey with Fitness Space, the team will support him with their passion and collective expertise.

    Fitness Space knows that the health market is very dynamic and is extremely fast in catching trends. The Fitness Space team always keeps an eye on the latest trends. It always aims at staying updated. Fitness Space offers services like Fit Camp and DNA testing. Fitness Space has a boutique approach rather than following the one-size-fits-all membership policy. This has helped Fitness Space in gaining immense popularity.

    Features of Fitness Space That Make It the Ideal Fitness Franchise

    There are several features that make Fitness Space the perfect option for local gym owners. Let’s have a look at them:

    Design of the Fitness Studio

    Fitness Space believes in uniqueness. A franchisee can choose a studio from amongst the range of 2000 to 4000 square meters. The design of each studio inspires and motivates the members. Fitness Space takes care of all the designing details. There will be a dedicated BDM to work with the franchisee to optimize the chose space as well as maximize the foot falling. After reviewing the CAD designs, a brand spec guide helps the contractors to develop a space that makes the franchisee excited to spend more time in office.

    Comprehensive Training

    Fitness Space provides intensive training to the franchisees during the first week. The training covers all the aspects of managing as well as developing the Fitness Space studio. Fitness Space knows that the business model depends on the efficiency of the staff. So it offers on-site training to the staff of the franchisee as well. This training takes place for one whole week. The training covers details like general duties and usage of fitness equipment.

    Fitness Space Gym Franchise Cost

    Initially, a franchisee needs to pay 29,950 pounds as the fitness Space fitness franchise cost. He has to deposit an amount of 5,000 pounds also. The total Fitness Space gym franchise price is around 245,000 pounds. This includes charges for gym equipment as well as studio charges.

    One needs to visit the official website of Fitness Space to get details like Fitness Space gym franchise quotation, Fitness Space gym franchise document requirement, and so on. Once he acquires these details and fills the inquiry form, he is good to go.

    Joining a Fitness Space studio is an excellent option. Without wasting any time, a gym owner should grab this amazing opportunity to take his studio to the next level.

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