Anytime Gym Fitness Franchise Review

    Anytime Gym Fitness franchise is the most established and the best performing fitness franchise all over the world. It has an extensive network. It operates in all the seven continents, with about 4500 clubs and four million gym members across the globe. The key to the success of Anytime Fitness is its working team. They are a bunch of hard-working people who finds joy in whatever they do, all the while gaining monetary benefits from their hard work.

    Anytime Fitness Owner

    Dave Mortensen, Chuck Runyon, and Jeff Clinger are the co-founders Anytime Fitness outlets. The Chief Executive Officer of Anytime Fitness is Chuck Runyon.

    Anytime Fitness Gym

    Anytime Fitness gyms provide a welcoming ambiance to its members. These gyms are supportive and suitable for people with different fitness levels. The target of the best Anytime Fitness gym is to see its members undergoing a perfect mind and body transformation. Following are some of the features and facilities of the biggest Anytime Fitness gym:

    Anytime Fitness


    Convenience is one such factor that members often seek while going to any gym. Gym members want convenient locations as well as a time that fits well in their busy schedule. Anytime Fitness gym facilities are available 24×7. This means that an interested person will definitely be able to join Anytime Fitness gym. There will be no issue of timing at all. Also, there are around 3,000 Anytime Fitness gyms across the globe, where one can join. Hence, there is absolutely no problem with accessibility.


    Anytime Fitness is not just about hard-core workouts. It is much more than a chain of fitness centres and gyms. Once a person joins Anytime Fitness gym, he enters into a supportive community. They are all like-minded people who motivate and support one another.

    Encouragement and Support

    The feature that makes Anytime Fitness gym so special is the provision of a free of cost, personalised, “Get started plan” at the commencement of the training to each member. The highly qualified, trained, and certified gym trainers are always ready to support and guide each gym member.

    Training and Equipment

    Anytime Fitness is not just about group sessions. It provides personal training that caters to individual needs and requirements. The updated and latest equipment and machines help the gym members to get in shape much easier. Ellipticals, treadmills, exercise cycles, racks, kettlebells cable crossovers, and free weights, etc. are some of the equipment available in every Anytime Fitness gym.

    Following is the list of services that a gym member of Anytime Fitness may enjoy depending upon his or her fee package:

    • Anywhere gym access
    • Private restrooms
    • Private showers
    • 24×7 access
    • Easy parking
    • 24x 7 security arrangement

    Anytime Fitness Gym Charges

    Fees for Anytime Fitness gym may differ depending upon the type of membership, amenities and services, and location of the gym. Also, one can often take advantage of discounts, offers, programs, and promotional codes. These, too, will, to some extent, lower down the membership price. For the best and precise information related to the fee structure of Anytime Fitness, one needs to visit the nearest Anytime Fitness gym. However, the average membership fee of an Anytime Fitness gym is $30 to $36 every month. This is much lower as compared to other fitness centre franchises.

    Anytime Fitness Franchise Cost

    Anytime Fitness franchise believes that its success lies in the success of its franchisees. Following are some of the significant features of Anytime Fitness franchise that makes it a lucrative option among the franchisees:

    Anytime Fitness Franchise Opportunities

    Low Royalty Fees

    Anytime fitness franchise charges quite low royalty fees as compared to other international fitness franchises. This makes the deal profitable for the gym franchisees. As their share of profits increase, but royalty fees remain low, they tend to earn more profit. Hence, they want to buy the Anytime Fitness franchise.

    Support During Lease Negotiation

    The real estate experience of Anytime Fitness centres can help the franchisees to receive the minimum price. Also, the structure of the lease will be suitable for the franchisees. In all the aspects, the franchisees reap the benefits of Anytime Fitness centres.

    Complimentary Analysis

    It is the unique feature of Anytime Fitness centres to provide a complimentary and detailed analysis of the market factors, competition in the franchisee’s desired location, area demographics, and so on. All these details and information help the franchisees to a great extent. They get all the features without doing these tasks on their own.

    Purchasing Power

    Franchisees often are on the lookout for Anytime Fitness clubs for sale. The lucky franchisees take advantage of the Anytime Fitness Franchise for sale. They get to buy the equipment at the best rates. This is possible because of the partnership of Anytime Fitness with Life Fitness and Precor.


    Anytime Fitness franchise provides the much-needed initial training and personalised support system to the franchisees.

    Marketing Strategies

    Anytime Fitness business model is the best model that ensures profit and success for its franchisees. Franchisees can blindly follow Anytime Fitness business plan for assured success. Because of assured profit and benefits and the lower amount of investment, franchisees do not hesitate about Anytime Fitness investment.

    Cost to Open an Anytime Fitness Gym

    A gym owner who takes the franchise of Anytime Fitness centres has to pay a monthly rental of about $499. If a franchisee wants to buy Anytime Fitness franchise, then he has to submit certain documents and follow the details in Anytime fitness franchise disclosure document.

    Anytime Fitness franchise is one of the leading fitness franchise that provides several facilities to the franchisees as well as the gym members. If there is any query related to Anytime Fitness size or any other issues, such as franchisee policies, gym fee structures, and so on, then one can make a call on the Anytime fitness head office phone number for further details. Anytime Fitness head office number is available on the official website of Anytime Fitness.

    The decision to join an Anytime Fitness gym as a member or as a franchisee is one’s personal matter. But for best ever experience in the fitness industry, one can definitely give it a try.

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