12 Round Gym Fitness Franchise Review

    If you are someone who is looking for boxer worthy types of abs, then there cannot be anything better than 12 round gym fitness. 12 round gym fitness has a history of being different and unique. 12RND has been a pioneer in giving fitness an altogether a new definition. At 12RND, one can try their different hands-on types of scientifically proven techniques that give a world-class workout experience.

    12 Round Fitness Franchise Cost

    Someone who is looking for a lower cost and a high-value opportunity in the world of fitness, then a franchise of 12 round gym fitness is the best fit for you. Owning a branch of 12 round fitness franchise is not just a career, but it is more like a lifestyle you begin to live.

    The total investment, which is done initially, is under $160,000. The franchiser stays with and assists the franchisees during the entire process till the time the deal is not over. However, every franchise and all the new staff are required to attend the 12RND training, and there is a test for the same which needs to be passed before the club actually opens up. 12RND is known for providing effective continuous training and does periodic reviews of operations, support, or marketing.

    12 Round Gym Fitness

    12 Round Fitness Franchise Review

    The opportunity of Franchise comes with the following requirements:

    • The franchise is of very nominal cost, which gives a higher value of the opportunity. The franchise, in this case, has a royalty fee, which is % based and actually grows inline along with the income.
    • None of the start time models of business actually increases the capacity of members up-to a total of 50% over the already running time table, which is based on the fitness group business.
    • One gets access to some of the proved models which are very highly tested and developed.
    • Prior fitness requirement is not at all a must, as the brand is open to entrepreneurs who belong to every background.
    • One needs a commercial requirement of real estate of just around 130-160 square meters.

    12 Round Franchise Review Price

    To apply for the membership 12RND, can be pre-paid or contract membership, one can do so by visiting the website, LinkedIn, you must be:

    • The aspiring member should be a minimum of 18 years of age
    • Should pose legal rights and should have the ability to bind the agreement legally.

    The entire fitness process centres around the art of boxing, where the cost per class is $25, which involves high-intensity workout.

    Branches of 12 Round Fitness Gym

    12RND fitness has emerged to be the fastest-growing boxing and franchise strength, which has caught the attention of the leading athletes of Australia.

    The 12 round Gym fitness is considered to be a premium gym which has a very strong passion for fitness. The gym literally breaths, sleep, drinks, and eats fitness, and this is the type of crazy they are. The people in the gym are very hardworking and work day and day out to help make the place better by each passing day.

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